Live a Long Life

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to health and wellness is how to live a long life. People want to know what they can do so that they can live for as many years as possible. Although longevity is genetic it seems to be more prevalent in some communities than others. Japan, for instance, consistently holds the place at the top as one of the countries with people who live a long time. So what is the secret?

It seems obvious that one of the factors is diet. Communities that subsist on fish and rice, like the Japanese for example, seem to have fewer health problems and people live longer. Experiments have been done on Japanese who migrated to the United States that revealed that after a few years of living there, they seemed to contract as many illnesses as the Americans themselves. Their counterparts who remained behind in Japan continued to be mostly healthy. This shows that the foods that we eat affect the body. In America, there is a tendency to consume a lot of junk food. In healthier countries people eat more from the farm than the supermarkets and fast food restaurants. That said, communities that are mostly vegetarian don’t seem to have much of an advantage when it comes to longevity. In Asia, for instance, vegetarians don’t necessarily have an advantage over non-vegetarians when it comes to living longer.

The other factor that contributes to better health and longevity is how active one remains as they age. In Scandinavian countries, for instance, where people cycle everywhere, they seem to live longer than in the rest of Europe. Cycling allows them to get enough exercise every day. If you want your body to serve you faithfully for many years you must become active. Find a way to exercise and do it frequently.